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Welcome to Star Holidays Free Visas information Web which contain information for the visas for all Embassies in Pakistan. Our goal is to provide you with professional, competent and experienced service which will help you accomplish your personal immigration goals.

Use the extensive resources and guidelines that we provide here to learn more about Travel Visa, Business Visa, Entry and more.

You can Download Visa Forms and Visa Information, also find the Foreign Embassies in Pakistan information as well Pakistani Embassies Abroad.

Please select desire country from drop down list or from the list below to find its visa information in details. You may contact us for Visa Assistance. Our experienced professional team will respond you quickly.

China Visa Rs.8,000
Dubai Visa Rs.11,000
Singapore Visa Rs.11,000
Malaysia Visa Rs.4,000
Thailand Visa Rs.7,000
Hong Kong Visa Rs.15,000
Egypt Visa Rs.8,000
Vietnam Visa Rs.7,000
Indonesia Visa Rs.10,000
Uzbekistan Visa Rs.14,000
Russia Visa Rs.20,000
Philippines Visa Rs.12,000
Bangladesh Visa Rs.10,000