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Dubai Transit / Service (14 Days) Visa Requirements:

  • Passport
  • ID card copy
  • 1 Passport size photographs
  • Visa Validity: 14 Days from the date of issue
  • Duration of Stay: 14 Days from the date of entry
  • Processing Time: 3 Working Days

Dubai Tourist (30 Days) Visa Requirements:

  • Passport
  • ID card copy
  • 1 Passport size photographs
  • Visa Validity: 30 Days from the date of issue
  • Duration of Stay: 28 Days from the date of entry
  • Processing Time: 7 Working Days

Important Notice:

We need cash guarantee against DUBAI / UAE VISA. Passenger has to come back and leave United Arab Emirates within the package period and validity of visa. If passenger fails to come back or leave the United Arab Emirates within the committed period or validity of visa; he will be considered overstayed and blacklisted. Incase of
overstay of passenger, cash security will be nonrefundable.

Only cash deposit of Rs.200,000/- (Two hundred thousand rupees) will be accepted for the purpose of guarantee. After return of passenger within committed period and validity of visa security deposit will be fully refunded. Security deposit will be refunded
or returned through a crossed cheque only.


Most travellers need to obtain a visa prior to entering the emirate. However, the good news is that the UAE authorities have taken many steps to make this process as straightforward as possible. Citizens of 39 countries - GCC nationals plus nationals of listed countries - do not require visas prior to arrival at a UAE airport. In addition, there are efficient systems in place to facilitate visitors not falling into one of the above categories.

The kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration. Please read the following carefully. Regulations do change from time to time and, whilst we do endeavour to keep up to date, you are advised to check with your airline and regional UAE embassy or consulate on the latest information regarding types of visas, fees and the rules and regulations.

Dubai uae-

UAE Embassy in Pakistan

Plot No.122, University Road Diplomatic Enclave 
PO Box 1111 
Phone: +92-51-2099999
Fax: +92-51-2279063


Plot No. 2, Sector W. 59 Diplomatic Enclave
P.O. Box No. 846
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Phone:+971-2-4447800, +971-2-4447422
Fax:+971-2-4447172, +971-2-4447328, +971-2-4447037



Dubai is a dream destination of every traveler. Modern life style of Dubai is shining example of developed world. Millions of Pakistanis visit Dubai every year for Business and Tourism purpose and more than a million Pakistanis are living in Dubai as permanent resident.

In most of the cases Pakistani passport holders need Dubai visa before flying to Dubai. There are different categories of Dubai visas depending on reason and purpose of travel. Few Dubai visa categories are given bellow.

Dubai Visa on Arrival:

On arrival Dubai visa is only available for limited type of travelers. Mostly this facility is available for those Pakistani passengers who are holding valid visas for America, Canada, and Australia, UK, Europe and travelling to or from these countries. On arrival Dubai visa requirements are very simple, you need a confirmed ticket to next destination and confirmed hotel booking for entire stay. When you apply for Dubai visa on arrival at Dubai Airport then you can maximum stay up to 96 hours / 4 days and you need to leave Dubai with in validity of your visa.

14 Days Dubai Transit Visa (Dubai Service Visa):

If we go few years back then Dubai transit visa was most popular type in Dubai visas. Now its official name is Dubai service visa. This type of Dubai visa is still famous because of its fast processing and issuance. Mostly Dubai Transit visa approves on same day of application. Maximum validity of Dubai Transit Visa is 14 days from the date of issue and you can also stay in Dubai for maximum 14 days from the date of entry stamp on Dubai transit visa.

30 Days Dubai Visa for Tourist (Dubai Tourist Visa):

Dubai based approved tour operators and tourism companies are entitled to process this type of Dubai visa for their clients. As like other types, Dubai Tourist visa is also valid for 60 days from the date of issue and holder of this Dubai visa can stay up to maximum 30 days from the date of entry at Dubai international airport. As per new immigration rules you cannot extend your stay or switch to new category of Dubai visa if you entered in Dubai on Dubai tourist visa.

Dubai Visa Fees:

Dubai visa fee for Pakistani nationals depends on the category you want to apply. Every time when you pay your travel agent against Dubai visa fees, there are two different amounts they charge you (first is Dubai visa fees charged by Gov of Dubai and second service charges of Dubai based tourism company who process your Dubai visa online). Dubai visa fees for Pakistan nationals are given below.

  • On arrival Dubai visa fee is approximately 30 USD and it is payable when you apply for on arrival Dubai visa at Dubai Airport immigration counter.
  • 14 Days Dubai visa fees is approximately USD 95 (it includes UAE Gov Dubai visa fees and Travel agent charges).
  • 30 Days Dubai Visa fees is approximately USD 100 (including Travel agent charges & Dubai visa fees of Gov of UAE).


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